What You Need To Do After An Auto Accident

Auto accidents are an unfortunate aspect of modern living. You do your best to avoid them and drive safely, but sometimes they still occur. Whether caused by inclement road conditions, dangerous weather patterns, or another driver, it is vital that you know what to do after you have been in an auto accident.

There are a number of common injuries that are sustained as a result of an accident. When you schedule an appointment with the experienced doctors at Wellspring Health, we can identify the problem and prescribe the right method of treatment to provide the pain relief that you need. Call our office in Orange City, Daytona Beach, or Altamonte Springs today to schedule the chiropractic adjustment or other pain therapy that you need.

Stop Your Vehicle

At first glance, this might sound like an obvious piece of advice. You might be surprised, however, to find that there are a number of people who forget to put their car into park after an accident has occurred. While it’s normal to feel a number of overwhelming emotions immediately after a collision, it’s important to remember to put your vehicle into park so that neither you nor anyone else sustains further injuries. Taking this a step further, make sure to take your keys from the vehicle so that they don’t get lost in the aftermath. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to rekey your home, mailbox, and other personal possessions.

Check On Others

If you are able to get out of your car and walk, then call 911 right away. The sooner that they can be dispatched to the scene of the accident, the sooner that anyone who is injured can receive help. Make sure that you check on any other individuals who may have been injured in the accident. Drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are all at risk when a vehicle collision occurs, so performing a visual sweep for injured persons can be the difference that helps to minimize the injuries that they sustain.

Gather Information

Try to write down or record as much information as possible following an auto accident. The more information you are able to record, the better. Some important pieces of information that you want to obtain are:

Think Like An Insurance Company

This piece of advice may sound odd, but there is a good reason that we offer it. Insurance companies have one goal, which is to make as much money as possible for their company, their investors, and their owners. They do not make money by paying claims. If it were legal for them to avoid paying claims at all, then they would probably try to do that. In fact, you are likely to discover that they will actively try to find ways to devalue your claim. With this information in mind, you want to make sure to take as many pictures from as many different angles of everything involved in the accident as possible. The more evidence that you can provide to support your claim, the more likely you are to get the money that you deserve.

Seeking treatment immediately following a crash limits the extent of injuries and often supplies much-needed relief. Chiropractic adjustments, in particular, are beneficial for a number of injuries, including those sustained in auto accidents. If you have been involved in a vehicle collision, then be sure to call Wellspring Health in Orange City, Daytona Beach, or Altamonte Springs to schedule your appointment today. We are experienced in treating injuries sustained from auto accidents and providing the pain relief that you need.

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