Benefits Of Chiropractic Treatment

If you are of the opinion that chiropractic doctors can treat only back pain, stiff necks, and whiplash injuries, then we are excited for you to read today’s post! We will share some of the unexpected benefits that you can receive when you schedule a chiropractic adjustment. Contact Wellspring Health in Orange City, Daytona Beach, or Altamonte Springs to schedule an appointment today.

Reduce Severity & Frequency Of Migraines & Tension Headaches

An overwhelming majority of Americans suffer from tension headaches and migraines. While some of these are merely occasional and are triggered by stressful situations, others are persistent and appear for no apparent reason.

A chiropractic adjustment can provide the relief you need from these debilitating moments by improving your spinal function, which helps to alleviate stress on your system. Additionally, your chiropractor can suggest various postures and exercises that can prevent future headaches from forming.

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Stress can be triggered by any number of things that usually fall into one of three categories: environment, your body, or emotions. Environmental stressors include, noise, weather, and time. Stress from your body can come from poor nutrition, poor sleep habits, or physical injuries. Emotional stress can be caused by so many different factors that it can be much harder to identify the source.

If you are struggling with stress and anxiety, then you want to make sure to call your chiropractor and schedule an adjustment to help release some of the tension that has built up in your muscles. Chiropractic adjustments can also reduce spinal nerve irritation and improve your blood circulation — two factors that can convince your brain to stop sending the fight or flight signal, which keeps your body in a constant state of stress.

Boost Your Immunity

Your immune system is one of the most critical components of good health. When it is under attack, or it is not performing at optimal levels, you are prone to more frequent bouts of illness. Your nervous system controls the functions of almost every part of your body, including your immune system, which is why it is important to make sure that it is not out of alignment. A chiropractic adjustment can help get your immune system back on track so that it can fight off any bacteria or viruses that try to invade your body.

Lower Blood Pressure

The higher your blood pressure is, the more strain you are putting on your heart and blood vessels. Over time, high blood pressure puts you at risk for a heart attack or stroke. Studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments that target the neck help to realign the nerves, which is actually as effective at reducing your blood pressure as doubling your dose of prescription medication! Ask your chiropractor if the Atlas adjustment is something that you need to help lower your blood pressure.

Increase Your Energy

Sometimes your energy levels are lower simply because you need more sleep on a regular basis. However, if you have been resting well each night and are still fighting fatigue, then it would be a good idea to call your chiropractor to schedule an adjustment. By reducing tension in your spine and allowing your nerves to work more effectively, a chiropractic adjustment can provide the increase in energy that you need.

If you haven’t had a chiropractic adjustment in a while, then it’s a good idea to call and get one scheduled today! Sometimes we deal with pain and tension for so long that we no longer recognize it. Just because you have come to the point where you don’t notice the aches and pains in your muscles doesn’t mean that they are not hampering your body’s performance.

Relieve Pain Caused By Whiplash

Whether you are suffering from whiplash due to a car accident, sports injury, or other trauma, a chiropractic adjustment can provide the relief you need. The damage caused by the violent change in direction can lead to a number of problems, including headaches, dizziness, and nausea. A chiropractic adjustment can help to realign your spine and nervous system to aid your body in recovering from the injury.

Help your body return to optimal performance, get the energy you need, and feel great by scheduling regular chiropractic adjustments. Contact Wellspring Health in Orange City, Daytona Beach, or Altamonte Springs to schedule your appointment today!

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